Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Pluto & Mickey...Boiler Fans?

Put this in your college football pipe and smoke it...The Orlando Sentinel has picked Purdue #1 in the nation!! Purdue Coach Joe Tiller joked, "All my relatives in Orlando came through for me. All the Disney characters came through. I'm sure they lobbied hard and got us positioned up there at No. 1. So I want to thank Pluto and Mickey and Donald, and all my relatives."

Even though I'm a huge Purdue fan, I think this is a tad optimistic, but it certainly is a very possible scenario. Though Purdue ended up 7-5 last year, they weren't that far from going undefeated...only 14 points came between them and a perfect season. We'll see.

One thing is for sure, expectations are sky high in West Lafayette this fall. The previous record for season ticket sales was 43,796 set in 2000-01 when a Drew Brees led Purdue team returned to the Rose Bowl for the first time since Bob Griese and the 1966-67 Boilers beat USC 14-13 in Pasadena. Last week season ticket sales had already reached 44,555 and are sure to climb even higher now that students are back on campus.

Pre-season hype is OK,

Recognition and respect in arguably the nation's best state for f'ball recruits is even better,

Delivering on all of these high expectations would be best of all.

Check back in January.

Do you suppose it could be partially due to no OSU or UofM on the schedule this year?

Go Buckeyes!
No doubt that has a lot to do with it...nevertheless, that's what the schedule is!! I'm going to be really disappointed if Purdue goes undefeated (extremely big "IF") and all I hear is, "Yeah, but they didn't have to play OSU & Michigan." As Tressel remarked maybe it's to OSU's advantage that they don't have to play the Boilers! It's not as if OSU has dominated Purdue in the Tiller era.

In fact Purdue & OSU have been pretty evenly matched. OSU holds a 4-2 advantage, but if you bracket out a 26 point whuppin' that OSU laid on Purdue in Columbus in 2001, Purdue has actually outscored the Buckeyes 96-95 in the other five games. Even including the 2001 game, the average margin of victory for OSU is about 5 pts in the Tiller era. Except for that 2001 game, the OSU Purdue game has been decided by an overtime win or 4th quarter heroics by one team or the other (e.g. Brees to Morales in 2000; Krenzel to Jenkins in 2002).

It would be Purdue's turn to go to Columbus, and we haven't won there in awhile (though OSU dodged an OT bullet there in 2003), but with a veteran team, it could well have happened this year.

Now, it is a true advantage to not have Michigan on the schedule. Purdue is 1-5 vs. Michigan in the Tiller era and has been outscored 163-92m, with an average margin of victory of about 12 pts. Purdue's one victory being a 1 point win on a 4th quarter FG in West Lafayette. Purdue has not even challenged Michigan in Ann Arbor in the Tiller era (or just about any other era!).

So, Dawn, don't get too cocky! Maybe you should be the one who's thankful that Purdue & OSU don't meet this year! ;-)
I've read some speculation that the Boiler's Strength of Schedule (or lack thereof) will hurt them this year and make them not a viable BCS champ. And, it doesn't matter by how much you win, simply that you do. 4-2 isn't bad against one of the stronger teams in the Big 1(1)0

I think we have a tough enough sched with Texas, Iowa and U of M to deal w/o Purdue on the sched. J & I have Texas tickets ... I'm so excited. He wants to sell them, but I can't imagine!

[shrug] It is so much talking into the wind until the season opens tomorrow night!!!!

Go Buckeyes!
Looks like we would be better off if we had Ohio State and Michigan on our schedule.
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