Thursday, September 22, 2005


Daily Blogs - Barlowfarms

I thought I'd highlight links from my left sidebar to give you an idea why I think they're worth linking...

How could I not link barlowfarms?! Barlowfarms was the first blog I ever read. I got an e-mail from Jon saying, "Hey I just started this thing called a blog, here's the link, check it out. I was one of his first readers way back in 2000 (proud grin). Jon is also the creator of the sensus plenior commenting software, and was my next door neighbor for 7 years. What will you find at barlowfarms? Everything from keen theological insights (Jon's working on his Ph.D in historical theology), to opinions on technology, pop culture, and current events. Throw in some reflections on family life and an mp3 or two and you've got interesting reading...though apparently it will be less frequent for a little while.

Sorry about that. I'll do better, but my work is all backed up to the door in a dump truck and I'm going through it as quickly as I can.
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