Monday, September 26, 2005


Daily Blogs - Leithart

This is the blog of Dr. Peter Leithart. Leithart is a PCA pastor with a Cambridge doctorate and an impressive list of publications--both books and articles--to his name. See the short bio here for the details. Leithart is one of the few writers who nearly always satisfies. I almost never finish reading Leithart and think to myself, "Well that was a waste of time." And, he's the author of my favorite collection of bedtime stories, Wise Words...parents, you'll enjoy these as much as your children.

There are several posts a week at that are dissertation worthy, if one had the time and inclination to put some meat on the bones. Leithart is a brilliant man, an original thinker (though he'll admit that Jim Jordan has had a formative influence on his thinking), and he's as gracious and kind as can be.

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