Friday, September 30, 2005



I just happened to click over to the Antithesis site, it's gone. In it's place is a pretty disturbing quote--you know, the one from Mahatma Ghandi about liking Christ, but not liking Christians. Looks like the whole shebang is gone, including the very affordable Discerning Reader online bookstore. That Ghandi quote sounds pretty edgy, a little different than a final message that says, "Sorry, we couldn't turn a profit. Thanks to all of you who supported us. It was a pleasure working with so many of you."

Who knows the story here? What happened?

Hey Chris, I'm glad to see your site's up and running again. Phil Johnson mentions some of the changes at Discerning Reader in his bookmarks (it is either in his bad or real bad theology section). I used to really like their operation, but there was a noticable shift in emphasis over the last year or so.
Hey man,

Long time no talk...

Just google "the discerning reader" and you'll get a thousand sites talking about some of their issues. Really bizarre, actually.
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