Saturday, September 03, 2005


One Way to Help New Orleans

Mo Leverett's Desire Street Ministries (DSM) located in the heart of New Orleans' 9th Ward, has been a beacon of light ministry in the poorest and most violent housing project in New Orelans. His ministry has had an incredible impact and I'm guessing that a number of the families that have been involved with DSM have been among those who've suffered the most from Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent flooding. I fear that much of their facilities, including a brand new multimillion dollar

DSM was already one of the most significant anchors in a very rough neighborhood, and it could be that civic leaders will turn to DSM as a key partner in helping to rebuild New Orleans. For the time being DSM is relocating its base of operations to Atlanta. Their website lists a number of short and long term needs and ways that you can contribute to helping them. Among DSM's top priorities is getting Desire Street Academy restarted as a boarding school. Here's a recent article that profiled Desire Street Academy.

Pray for Mo and DSM.

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