Monday, September 26, 2005



The Boilers fell to the Minnesota Golden Gophers in double overtime. They also fell from No. 11 to No. 22 in the rankings--which, IMHO, more accurately reflects where they should be ranked. I, for one, was fearful that Purdue would come home from Minnesota without a victory.

This will hopefully get their feet planted firmly on the ground again for a showdown against a Charlie Weis-revived ND team this Saturday night back at home in West Lafayette. If the Boilers can beat the Irish, that will go a long way towards making up for the loss at Minnesota.

I predict a Purdue victory on Saturday. I expect it to come down to the fourth quarter, though. ND will be eager to continue to prove that they're the real thing this season and they'll be eager to get revenge on a Purdue team that beat them (to put it mildly) in South Bend for the first time since Mike Phipps was wearing the Gold & Black.

Just saw your sight now (linked from barlowfarms)...and that you're a pastor.

Where are you? I take from your football comments that you have some contact with west lafayette, in (did you go to purdue?).

Anyway, just trying to make connections in my mind.

Jared Olivetti
I'm in St. Louis-PCA pastor. I graduated from Purdue after Rod Woodson and before Mike Alstott...1991.

Are you Measuring Days? The RPCNA guy in WL?

If so I've linked your blog in my sidebar and I drop by occasionally.

When I was at Purdue I was not Reformed. I was part of WDA's Campus Ministry and attended Cov't Pres, which was (still is?) a conservative evangelical PCUSA congregation. Jim Tozer was the pastor there at that time.

I believe my folks used to attend the RPCNA church in WL when I was a baby c. 1970. I grew up in Frankfort, but as they made the commute each Sunday AM I would get carsick and puke all over the backseat, so they finally bagged it and joined the PCUSA church in Ffort.

Did you go to RPTS in Pgh? I also used to live in Pgh and took a class there. My brother did some course work there too, before transferring to TESM in Ambridge. I think very highly of Jerry O'Neill.
yep, I'm the measuring days guy.

yep, I went to RPTS (just graduated May '04). I totally agree about Jerry - he's done/doing really great things for the seminary, things I think are helping Piksburg.

I also went to Cov. Pres. while at Purdue, though I grew up OPC/PCA. I sort of married back into a reformed church and ended up as associate pastor of said church.

Nice to make these connections!

so, is there any space in St. Louis for an RPCNA church? :)

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