Monday, October 24, 2005


Arrival in Lima, Tour, & Arrival in Trujillo

Well we're here! We arrived in Lima at 4 a.m. on Saturday morning, twelve hours after we left St. Louis (stop over in Miami). None of us got much sleep on the plane from Miami to Lima--it was difficult to get comfortable. We immediately went to hotel in downtown Lima, and a couple of us took 2 hour power nap, while some of the rest of the guys on the team walked down to the Pacific. I opted for nap ;-) And boy did it feel good to get a couple hours of shut eye!

We left all of our luggage at the hotel and spent the day touring Lima by bus and on foot. Lima, a city of 7 million is a beautiful city on the coast of Peru. It's a moderate desert climate--raining only two or three days a year. The temperature ranges from the low 60s to the mid 90s throughout the year, and there's usually a little bit of cloud cover, so you don't roast in the direct sunlight. It was very pleasant on Saturday.

We had a great tour and a very knowledgable tour guide, Carla, who spoke excellent English. We started with the beautiful Parque de Amor (Park of Love) overlooking the Pacific, continued on through a historic and upscale neighborhood called San Isidro (a Spanish surname derived from St. Isidore), and then visited the Plaza Mayor and the main Cathedral in Lima, which contains the tomb of Peru's Spanish conqueror, Francisco Pizarro. Here's a shot taken on the Plaza Mayor. The Cathedral is the gray building in the background. Lima is sometimes called the City of Balconies, you can see the dark wooden balconies protruding slightly from the side yellow building on the left. The balconies are not walk out balconies but are more like a veranda or a bay window in terms of how far they extend from the side of the building.

Here's another picture taken from Plaza Mayor. This one gives you a nice view of the fountain that is in the middle of Plaza Mayor. You also get an even better view of the Cathedral.

After touring the Cathedral we walked to the nearby St. Francis Monastery and spent a couple of fascinating hours there viewing beautiful architecture, ornate chapels, a beautiful old library (I was coveting big time!), and the catacombs under monastery where we were surrounded by the skulls, and ankle bones, and rib cages of long dead monks and benefactors.

We wrapped up our tour and had dinner at a Peruvian restaurant where I had a Chacharron Sandwich (fried pork) and Purple Corn Juice (sweet, non-carbonated juice made from black corn). Then we hustled back to the hotel grabbed our luggage and headed to the airport where he took a very pleasant flight from Lima to Trujillo. Here's the team-sans me-getting off the plane in Trujillo.

More about Trujillo and worshipping with the Larco Church there later. Now I've got to run to a team meeting, followed by our departure to the work site, where we'll begin our construction work. I'll also be lecturing later this morning at the Seminario Biblico Reformada on the Biblical view of homosexuality. Right now I've got to run.

Until then...Dios les bendiga! (God Bless You!)

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