Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Beginning our Work

Monday morning we began our work on the entrance to the Larco Church. You can see below that the current entrance to the Larco Church is dirt and an old sidewalk.

Following the plans drawn up by an architect in their congregation we're creating a cross-shaped sidewalk with decorative pave stones that will create a beautiful entrance to the church. The Peru Mission team really has a vision for making the church the center of beauty and vitality in this neighborhood. They are at the intersection of several poor neighborhoods and a growing middle class neighborhood as well.

By the end of the day we had broken up the old sidewalk, and dug out the base and graded the area. We were able to finish the layout and the setting of the forms by the end of the day. All this we did with two shovels, two sledge hammers, two pinch bars, and two chisels. We were able to work side by side with our Peruvian brothers, which was an honor...not to mention a challenge...to keep up with them, that is! Here's what things looked like when we called it a day (though the Peruvians stayed a little later to tidy things up).

In the morning I went over to Peru Mission's headquarters, the San Augustin Mission, and taught a class on the Biblical View of Homosexuality for one of their seminary classes. The class consisted of current and aspiring pastors, including an International RUF minister, one of only two RUF's outside of the United States. Though homosexuality is not yet as prevalent in Peru as in the U. S., it is growing. In the past few months a Roman Catholic priest "married" two homosexual men, and there was a HUGE public uproar, with the bishop denouncing it and suspending the priest from ministry for the time being. So, though homosexuality is not a current pastoral issue that these men are dealing with, it figures to be on the horizon and all the better if they can be prepared ahead of time. The class went very well and the opportunity for interaction and discussion enriched the class. I'll return Tuesday & Wednesday morning to teach again.

Last evening we attended a party at the English Institute, that was designed to allow English Institute students to meet some "gringos" and practice their English. Following that we went out to eat with the Bakers and then all came back to the hotel and crashed.

Now we're off to a team meeting at 8 AM (we are on Central Time here) and out the door at 8:30 to return to the worksite. So far everyone's healthy and doing well. Thanks be to God. Please pray for our health, and that we would be effective here in all that we hope to accomplish. Until next time...

Awesome, Chris. Hey, you look good in a dog collar clergy shirt! Cool. Keep up the great updates!
Thanks for the updates, Chris! It's good to see that your supervisory skills (and Daniel's) are keeping everything under control.
Thanks for the well written updates and photos. Keep up the good work.
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