Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Continued Progress & Visit to Moche Huacas

More progress on the sidewalk and entry to the Larco Church, as well as some culinary adventures that involved eating, what in the U. S., is considered to be a household pet (you'll have to wait to hear more about that later). This picture shows a little of our progress, which may not be too visible, but believe me we continue to advance (the sore muscles testify).

Yesterday after work we went to see a sacred site (Huaca) of a pre-Incan society, Huaca del sol (sun) and Huaca del luna (moon). These Huacas were built by the Moche people, who flourished from about the time of the birth of Christ on through about the 8th century (I believe the Incas began to conquer Peru in about the 14th century). Very interesting. Here's a shot of the Huaca del Sol, notice the adobe bricks which were stacked there over 7 or 8 centuries as new level to this 7 level Huaca was added each century.

We finished off the evening by enjoying once again, the hospitality of the Bakers who had us back to their home for dinner and provided us access to free phone calls home, which all of us took advantage of.

I taught my second class at the seminary, this one entitled Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Agendi: How Worship Shapes Belief & Life. Last class today on A Theology of the City, as well as a discussion of Phillip Jenkins' essay Next Christianity which appeared a couple years ago in the Atlantic Monthly.

A few of us have been dealing with some bowel problems, nothing terribly serious, but inconvenient and uncomfortable at times. More updates later.

Hope you're gonna be giving that Theology of the City talk back home as well!
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