Wednesday, October 12, 2005


One Maniac...10,000 push-ups

Looking at my flabby self yesterday I decided I've GOT to do I quickly did some calculations and figured that I can knock out 10,000 push-ups by the end of the year. That's approximately 125/day. Definitely do-able. I'll post updates here for accountability's sake.

125 down
9,875 to go

Met the first day's quota!!


I'm interested in how many at a time distributed how widely throught the day....

I'm impressed no matter how you answer, but I'm curious as well.
3 sets of 30
1 set of 35 (remind me to do that set of 35 FIRST next time!)

I started at about 8:30 and did my sets between folding laundry, checking e-mail, downloading the new iTunes and security update, etc. In other words, I spread them way out. I think the nearest was two sets in 10 minutes or something like that.
Go guys go! But why do you need arm strength? Doesn't do anything on a bike does it?
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