Friday, October 21, 2005


Peru bound

Friday afternoon, along with six other men, I'll be making my way here:

Our church is sending us to Trujillo, Peru to work with Pastor Wes Baker and Peru Mission as we serve and learn from our Peruvian brothers and sisters. We'll be doing some construction work on a church and I'll have the opportunity to preach twice and lecture three times to seminary students at the Seminario Biblico Reformado.

My three lectures will be on:

A Theology of the City, and
How Worship Gives Shape to Belief & Life.

I may also have an opportunity to lead a discussion on Philip Jenkins' excellent book, The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity.

In fact, one of the things we'll be doing is taking an article that Jenkins wrote for the Atlantic Monthly (which Rev. Baker translated into Spanish) and discussing it with some of our Peruvian brothers and sisters. Our team has read the article and their folks will have read the article too. I look forward to learning from that discussion. I'm excited about how God is moving in the global South and am eager to observe and participate in this historic shift.

Anyway, I hope to be wired enough to be able to post some updates during the trip. We'll see. Until then...Dios Les Bendigas!

Wow - sounds like a great trip. May the Lord bless you & the work of your hands/mouth/mind.
We will pray for you, bro.
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