Thursday, October 27, 2005


Visit to Wichanzao & Arevalo

Today we started pouring concrete in two sections on the sidewalk. The paving stones were also delivered which we’ll use to decorate the entrance. We’re not yet sure how much we’ll be able to complete before we leave.

At the Seminario Biblico Reformado today I delivered my last lecture. I lectured on A Theology of the City. I leaned on good stuff I’ve read from Ray Bakke, Harvie Conn, Robert Lupton, Manny Ortiz, John Perkins, and others.

I also profiled Thomas Chalmers (1780-1847) as one exemplar for urban ministry. I talked about how central the parish concept was in his ministry at St. John’s in Glasgow. I hadn’t put two and two together, but what’s interesting is that the Church where I preached on Sunday used to be owned by the Free Church of Scotland. The Free Church sent the first Reformed missionaries to Peru. The first Reformed missionary to arrive in about 1917 was really taken with Chalmers parish model, and set up the first few churches drawing heavily upon Chalmers and his parish model. So promoting Chalmers’ ideas about parish ministry was in some ways a return to the roots of the Reformed church in Peru.

It was a real joy to be able to teach at the seminary, though I must admit that to teach there was very humbling, as I’m sure the week would have been just as valuable, had I sat and listened to one of them lecture. Here’s a shot of some of the students that I taught throughout the week. All of the men in the picture are pastors or student pastors. Juan on the far right works on two college campuses in Trujillo, and his work is only one of two international RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) works in the world.

Though I’ve enjoyed teaching there, I’m also relieved to be finished as I was feeling like I was spread a little thin: preparing, lecturing, working at the worksite, etc. Now I feel like I can focus on the worksite/construction project.

Today after work we also had the opportunity to go visit two of the other churches in the area. We visited the church at Wichanzao and the church in Arrevalo, both are communities on the edge of Trujillo. Both churches are amazing, though Wichanzao is a lot further along. The things these churches are doing here is simply amazing.

We had dinner at the Bakers again tonight…what hospitality they have shown us this week!! More good food, more good conversation, and more free phone calls!

Today is our final full day in Trujillo. We're scheduled to fly from Trujillo to Lima on Friday morning and then on from Lima to Dallas, before finishing the final leg to St. Louis. Here's a map of Peru showing Lima and Trujillo to give you a feel for where we are.

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