Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Not Feeling God's Presence

I wasn't familiar with Dwight Ozard or with his work, but saw on a few blogs that he succumbed to cancer this week. Dick Staub posted a piece that Ozard, a writer and consultant, wrote called Is "Spiritual Formation" a Bourgeois Preoccupation?? This part jumped out at me as quote worthy:

...our experience of God is in a very real, if equally odd way, profoundly irrelevant to our relationship with God.

I don’t get this, but there are not only times and seasons in believers’ lives when they don’t feel God’s presence, there are many, many sincere, good and godly believers who never sense his presence in the way that we would-be mystics, activists, Charismatics and "key leaders" speak of.

Because they have without ever having an experience that they could define as “mystical,” many of these believers live their lives in quiet anguish or deep guilt, having been made to feel by over-zealous preachers that the exceptional experience they lack is somehow normative.

Dwight, of course, is now experiencing God in a way that is entirely consistent with his relationship to God. Love and peace of Christ to his loved ones.

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