Thursday, November 03, 2005


Not Much to Cheer About

My teams, the Boilermakers and the Packers, are a combined 3-12 this season. Quite a turnaround from last year, when they were a combined 8-7 at this point in the season -- with the Boilers headed to the Sun Bowl and the Packers headed to the NFL Playoffs. They'll both be staying home from post season play this year. Maybe the looong off season will be good for both teams. I hope so.

I feel for you. All of Clemson's losses have been close games, two of them in OT. We could easily be undefeated. I just hope we beat Spurrier's USC Gamecocks. Can't stand him or them.

Native South Carolinian--family feuds are the fiercist kind.
the truth hurts: the boilermakers and packers are wretched. hopefully the season can salvaged with at least one dramatic upset by each time.

this shared by a lifelong LA Rams fan (not st. louis, but LA rams) and someone who is about to watch the lakers and clippers both have losing seasons
Well, the Boilermakers finally got a W for the first time since September 17th!! Don't know that beating the Spartans was a dramatic upset, though at this point, beating anyone nearly constitutes a dramatic upset!

And beating the Steelers today would definitely be an upset for the Pack...
Fortunately the Indianapolis Colts and my beloved Notre Dame Fighting Irish are picking up the slack.

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