Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Push-Update 10

1 x 35
2 x 25

1,215 down
8,785 to go

A new wrinkle to the push-up endeavor. My family wants in on this fitness challenge. So even though I've got two weeks head start on them, they're going to try and each do 10,000 jumping jacks before the end of the year. One of my daughters did 500 today. I think I'm in trouble.

Of course this could be good for everyone's stomach muscles...because we'll all be keeled over laughing at our 2.5 yr old trying to do jumping jacks ;-)

AND, yes, I am planning to post something more substantive soon, but I'm too tired tonight.

Wow, fantastic family project! This could start a new trend at church. Then it could move on to the whole denomination. I can see the controversies already developing, The EVT movement (Exercise Vision Theology). There is nothing in the standards about exercise, therefore it must be wrong!

So what goal can I set for myself? Hmmm, maybe next year's Iron Cross!
That's hilarious! The EV Controversy.

Of course, I think completing the Iron Cross race would trump 10,000 push-ups in 2 1/2 months!!
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