Friday, March 03, 2006


Chris Juggles

I juggle.

But there ought to be two different words for what I do and what Chris Bliss does. I didn't know juggling only three balls could be so amazing. If you're one of the few people on the internet who hasn't seen this, then take 5 and click here (click Must-See Finale on the right to start video).

Saw it a few days ago and it brought tears to my eyes!
Not neccessarily regarding juggling but definitely about physical prowess. I wanted to let you know that after months of push-ups, your pecs look awesome!
Chris, this guy is amazing! I'm glad you are blogging again.
Garrett you need to get glasses. You're mocking me aren't you, Marine boy!

Daniel and others who've said, "Glad you're blogging again." Don't hold your breath, I don't hav the greatest blog track record. We'll see.
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