Thursday, January 11, 2007


Arevalo & First Patient in the New Clinic

Wednesday morning we took a trip to the other church in Trujillo -- the Arevalo Church. It will be the largest and most ambitious project among the three churches, because it has the most land surrounding it. The church has come a long way since we saw it last year. As you can see from this picture, it will be beautiful when it's finished. By the way this picture shows where the church currently meets for worship, but that will actually be the Fellowship Hall when the building project is completed. The sanctuary will be to the right of the present building.

After the visit to Arevalo we returned to Wichinzao to continue working on the clinic. Mainly painting, spackling, and wiring. The progress is really evident, and although we're just putting on base coats of white, even that really dresses up the clinic.

Not only have we had the privilege of working on the clinic, but as well, we've been able to enjoy some time with Dr. Dan Doolittle from Carbondale who is the lead doctor here at the medical clinic. Dr. Doolittle is here for three weeks getting some things in order, but we also provided him with the opportunity to see his first patient in the new clinic. Monte scraped his thumb near his nail when sanding earlier in the week and it was giving him some discomfort. He was also afraid it had gotten infected -- a minor thing, but a bit of a bother when you're working with your hands all day long. Well, Dr. Doolittle evaluated his patient, and treated him with a topical antibiotic and a band-aid.

The ladies have continued to receive crowds of enthusiastic children and yesterday we could all hear the children enthusiastically shouting out "January" "February" "March" and "One" "Two" "Three." The girls have done a great job and the children have really gotten attached to them.

I had the second of my three lectures at the Larco Church and will give my final one this afternoon. This one will be on the life of Charles Simeon.

Not only do I wrap up my lectures today, but we wrap our work at Wichanzao. Tomorrow we'll leave the hotel in Trujillo early in the morning and fly to Lima where we'll await our connecting flight to Miami.

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