Thursday, January 11, 2007


Finished in Wichinzao

Today we finished our work in Wichinzao. Last day of English instruction for the kids, last bit of painting, spackling, and pulling wire. Here you can see the multiple base coats in clear contrast to the unfinished bottom section which will be eventually be tiled.

During lunch the pastor from the Larco Church, Ricardo, brought flowers to his wife, Dani, who was one of the ladies who helped with the cooking for our team all week. It was their 10th Wedding Anniversary, so we all got to share in congratulating them on their first decade.

After lunch we all briefly visited the Saint Augustine Language Institute (SALI) before driving out to see the Huaca del Sol and the Huaca de la Luna, both temples were built by the Moche people, whose culture flourished from approximately 100-700 AD. It was fascinating. The pictures simply do not do it justice, but this temple is amazing. The murals in front of Monte are between 1300-1800 years old. They have never been restored, all the paint you see is the original paint.

Here's the team on top of the Huaca de la Luna (Temple of the Moon):

Then it was off to Larco Church where I gave my final lecture on the life of Charles Simeon and then we went back to the Baker's house for dinner.

We leave the hotel at 6:40 AM tomorrow to catch our flight from Trujillo to Lima. Then once in Lima, we have all day to ourselves, because we don't leave Lima for Miami until shortly after midnight. Then it's on to St. Louis (via Atlanta for some of us).

Don't know if I'll get another chance to blog or Dios les Bendiga (God Bless You).

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