Monday, January 08, 2007


Getting to Work

We arrived bright and early at Wichinzao this morning to get to work on the Wichinzao medical clinic. After they fed us breakfast we started sanding wall and ceilings to prepare them for painting--we'll start painting tomorrow--we pulled wire for all of the electrical fixtures and outlets, and we dug a hole 1 meter x 1 meter x 1.6 meters deep to bury the main ground wire for the building (that's what the code here in Peru requires).

Here is the Wichinzao church (where I preached Sunday morning by the way)...

and here is the medical clinic where we did all the work today:

One of the great opportunities that we've had over these last two years is to minister to folks who are outside of the church in addition those who are already a part of the churches here. For instance, today Mary Kate, Hannah, Kim, & Jessica walked around the neighborhood in the morning and publicized a mini-English School that they just whipped up off the cuff. Gringos, as we're called here (it's not generally a derogatory term in Peru) are very interesting to most of the Peruvians. White skin & blond hair are curiosities here, and most of the kids have enough Gringo curiosity and desire to learn English that they'll show up for 1-2 hours of English instruction. The girls had 40-45 kids from the neighborhood -- both from the church and from outside the church. The ladies are planning to do English instruction each day and my bet is their number will increase each day.

Another example is that Shane & I jumped on a soccer "court" (it's a concrete pad like we'd use for basketball in the states) with a couple of neighborhood kids to play some soccer and within about 5-10 minutes we had a game of 4 on 4 going with kids waiting to play on the side.

One of my faovrite examples of this kind of opportunity is with the taxi drivers who take us literally everywhere that we go here in Trujillo. Peru Mission uses some of the same drivers over and over again, because it finds those men reliable. Therefore we got to know a handful of drivers -- two in particular -- last year. Bran Steadman really hit it off with one of the drivers, Ronald (see them below). When we met Ronald last year he had nothing but good things to say about the Peru Mission, but he didn't want any part of going to one of the churches. Well we came down this year to find out that both of the two drivers Ronald and another driver, Santos, are both going to church now -- one at Arrevalo, one at Wichinzao. It's been a great blessing working both with our brothers and sisters in the churches here, but also with the people that God brings us in to contact with in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Time for bed. Buenos Noches. Adios.

Don't you mean Buenos Aires? WHo did you learn your Spanish from, Monte Shields?
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