Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Posting from Wichinzao!

Tiene Hambre? (Are you hungry?) Here's what the ladies at the Wichinzao Church lovingly prepared for us yesterday. Chicken with an orange sauce, rice, and the purple vegetable beneath the chicken is a sweet potato. Apparently Peru is famous for it's 3500 varieties of potatoes.

Yesterday at lunch I was opening up my MacBook to show some pictures I had just taken to one of the other members of the team. When I opened my computer I noticed that it had detected a wireless network. Wes Baker, one of the missionaries here, could not believe that there was a wireless network in Wichanzao. I walked around the room with my comptuer and detected a total of six wireless a neighborhood that only has the water turned on 2 out of every 48 hours!

In fact, I'm sending this post to my blog using a wireless network in Wichinzao!

That food looks good!

Glad to hear your trip is going well.

Tell Monte he must communicate with his family lest they faint from lack of contact. His loving wife.
Thank you so much for taking the time to post updates and pictures! It is a lifeline to those of us praying for you and the group. Who cannot see the hand of God in a wireless network in a 3rd world urban neighborhood? If you can't picture Christ working a mouse, you've got the wrong idea in your head.
chris, do you hae an AOL IM account? we could do a video chat, you in peru, me in LA... hit me man
God Bless each of you.
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