Saturday, January 06, 2007


Safe and Sound (and tired) in Peru

The rest of our trip went very smoothly. The flight from Miami to Lima wasn't bad at all. We landed in Lima at about 7 AM local time (Peru is on EST). We had a bite to eat and then met our tour guide and bus driver, here's the whole team right before we got on the bus.

We spent the day touring Lima and had several hours to ourselves at an outdoor shopping mall that sits perched atop cliffs that overlook the coast - a beautiful setting.

We also toured a museum, which featured several of the ancient cultures that occupied what is now Peru. These ancient peoples spanned more than a millennium before Christ and ended with the Incan empire which was finally conquered by Spain's Francisco Pizzarro, along with help from the Inca's enemies in the rain forest. Here are several of the many artifacts that we saw in the museum. These are jars, from the Incan period, I believe.

We also toured Lima's main plaza and a Franciscan monastery. Since today was Epiphany the plaza was crowded with people watching a pageant of sorts commemorating the visit of the Magi to worship and bring gifts to the Christ child.

After a full day in Lima we headed back to the airport, caught a Lan Peru flight to Trujillo (350 miles up the coast from Lima), and were met by both old friends and new from the Peru Mission. From there we drove to our hotel, dropped our bags, and went out for pizza! By the time we got back to the hotel it had been nearly 36 hours since we departed from St. Louis.

We're all eager to get to sleep. I preach tomorrow morning at the church in Wichanzao and then tomorrow evening at the church in Larco. Pray that all goes well.

It is great to see your smiling faces. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Deborah
Pre-Inca cultures
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