Friday, January 05, 2007


Yes I'm going to blog the Peru Trip again

Even though this blog has been lying dormant almost since last year's Peru mission trip, I am planning to blog regularly during THIS YEAR'S Peru mission trip as long as I have consistent internet access.

There are 12 of us going this year. Five of us flew to Tampa and are headed on to Miami in a few minutes. Another five flew directly to Miami. Two more are getting to Miami via Atlanta. We'll all join up in Miami and fly down together to Lima.

As for the Tampa folks (of which I am a part), the flight from St. Louis to Tampa was a little rough. A little airsickness, a couple of us spilled drinks all over ourselves during one of the turbulent parts, but we made it. May not have access again until Lima, or maybe even Trujillo.

We appreciate your prayers for us.

Here's Hannah, Monte, Mary Kate, & Jeff BEFORE takeoff!

good to see these faces. I'll pray for you guys. happy travels!
looking forward to the updates. we'll be praying!
It is good to see the faces of my family. Mary Kate does not look as sick as she must have been. Praying for all of you. Missing some of you. Deborah
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